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Clear Modem/Router feeding RT N66U setup questions

Discussion in 'ASUS N Routers & Adapters' started by remotecontrol, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. remotecontrol

    remotecontrol New Around Here

    Jan 13, 2013
    I just purchased this Asus router in anticipation of upgrading my home internet connection with something a bit faster. Well it turns out that i'm having minor difficulties getting a cable connection into the rented townhouse I live in so at least for the short term i'm stuck dealing with this Clear Modem/Router combo. The Clear Modem is the WIXFBR-117 and the lack of speed and limited configuration options have finally driven me back to that dreaded nationwide internet provider. I should add that information about this modem or its functions on the interwebs are sparse and as may be expected trying to get anything from Clear Tech Support is way worse than a waste of time. (To be fair though, I got just what I expected in the 20 months i've used them)

    Anyhow, I hooked up the rt n66u (flashed Merlin's latest first:)) behind the clear modem and disabled the wifi function on the Clear Modem. There are some settings in the Clear Modem Configuration pages that seem to be repeated in the rt n66u and i'm not really sure who should be doing what. There's plenty of info around about these particular functions but i'd be grateful for a little help about this situation specifically, apologies if these questions are really stupid and obvious, but i'd like to be sure about security most of all and then the routing/throughput.

    There's currently only one PC on the LAN, mostly devices, (PC, TV, Blu-Ray, Dish Reciever, ect are wired, from 1 of 2 5 port netgear GS 105 switches one at the computer desk, one at the entertainment center, being fed from lan ports on the n66u. the wireless feeds tablets and phones.

    Should I be using IP Passthrough on the Clear Modem? And the IP Passthrough MAC would be the n66u so it could perform its routing functions?

    How about the Firewall on the Clear Modem? It seems to me that I could disable this in favor of the Firewall on the n66u, and just use a secure password from within the LAN for any config stuff having to do with the Clear Modem. I've already got a Firewall on the Windows machine and three Firewalls seems over the top and could just amount to more problems trying to reach the PC or NAS from outside the LAN.

    Port Forwarding Basic is the heading in the Clear config page, Enable UPnP IGD is the checkbox, "profile to allow certain Windows applications to setup the port forwarding rules dynamically on this device. Enables a specific LAN client to accept inbound connections which do not match any forwarding rules" I'm not sure if this does anything, its checked by default. Leave it?

    I'm assuming here if the Clear Modem Firewall is disabled any port forwarding I need to do would be through the rt n66u config.

    Enable DHCP Server, is still checked, and seems to have provided the rt n66u with a WAN IP of, do I need this to be checked to get an IP from the Clear Modem that thinks its a router, or will the n66u get passed a real WAN IP if I uncheck it?

    If you've gotten this far thanks for reading and any input will go towards my admittedly limited knowledge base! Oh and sorry for the tiny pictures in the links, I meant to post them inline but apparently I can't do that here.
  2. NjOlds

    NjOlds New Around Here

    Feb 26, 2013
    Hey remotecontrol,

    I use that exact modem from CLEAR for temporary internet at work. I work for a retail clothing company and if a store loses internet I swap the DSL/Cable modem feeding the store with the CLEAR modem. I setup the Passthrough with the stores router MAC and instead of a private IP the router gets the routable IP the CLEAR modem would get. Make sure and disable the firewall because you will be using your routers firewall functions. Can't complain about the CLEAR service but then again I'm located in NYC. Good luck with your setup.

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