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Clever Hack - Router on a board - old machine and wifi

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Part of the Furniture
Somebody used one of these to connect a Classic Macintosh (SE/30 with a Dayna ethernet card) to WiFi...

This is basically a router/bridge on a card - Mediatek Router SOC w/802.11 b/g/n with a fast ethernet port on the other side - runs an old version of OpenWRT under the hood.

But the fun stuff... getting a classic Mac on WiFi...

Even better - he writes a classic MacOS extension* to manage the device... and that's not trivial by any means - I've done network programming on ancient MacOS, and it's really a PITA.

* in classic MacOS - pre-OSX, Extensions and Control Panels would extend the OS functionality by doing traps on the M68K (or PPC via the M68K emulator)

Github here -- https://github.com/antscode/MacWifi/releases

Anyways - cool to see old HW get WiFi... and I've always had a soft spot for the SE/30 - it's a MacIIx in a toasterbox, and it can even run Unix (A/UX 3.02, which I did for some time)

Tip of the hat to hackaday.com for this one...

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