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Combo Diversion / openVPN client / Quad9 DNS

Discussion in 'Asuswrt-Merlin' started by Valyno, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. Valyno

    Valyno New Around Here

    Jan 27, 2020
    Hello Community,

    Disclaimer: I am no IT trained person...
    So please apolgize for my probably obvious/stupid questions...

    My set-up:
    - Asus AX88U
    - Asuswrt-Merlin 384.15, behind ISP modem set as a bridge (Free for the French connaisseurs)
    - Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default) with 1 Mesh node (Asus AX92U)
    - Diversion
    - Skynet
    - NordVPN subscription with 2 instances set-up in VPN client section, 1st one which exits in the US, I want to use the DNS server of NordVPN so that the hooked ATV can connect to Netflix US (done), instance 2 for other network devices

    I want to achieve the following:
    - Devices (Desktop, Laptop, smartphones and tablet) have a reserved IP address (done)
    - Devices benefit from Diversion & Skynet scripts
    - Devices connect to the internet through the openVPN client instance 2
    - Devices to be forced to use Quad9 DNS server

    So far, I have achieved my Desktop to use the openVPN instance 2.
    However I am not sure that the PC is going through the corretct DNS server (DNS leak gives me the following result: unn-89-187-179-150.cdn77.com. Datacamp Limited New York, United States
    Which seems to be the NordVPN provider...

    I read the following page:
    https://x3mtek.com/policy-rule-routing-on-asuswrt-merlin-firmware/ but I am not sure I have fully grasped the explanations. I tried to follow the guide for my settings, dipslayed below, but I am under the impression that the Desktop PC is still using the NordVPN DNS server rather than the one enforced in the settings.
    Hence, I am not sure that the Devices are forced to use my router defined DNS server.
    So if someone has any advice to give, I will be very gratefull.



    LAN DNS Filter

    VPN Network settings

    VPN Advanced settings

    VPN custom configuration
    resolv-retry infinite
    tun-mtu 1500
    tun-mtu-extra 32
    mssfix 1450
    ping 15
    ping-restart 0
    remote-cert-tls server
    dhcp-option DNS