Compiling Asuswrt-Merlin for RT-AC3200

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Hi there,

I am wanting to get some feedback from the knowledgeable folks on SNB regarding my router. I understand that the RT-AC3200 is no longer being updated for Asuswrt-Merlin. Am I wasting my time trying to compile Asuswrt-Merlin for this router in order to enable extra functionality not included in the default builds. Specifically I want to be able to turn on extra logging for Wireless and capture login attempts to the Web Interface. It would also be nice to completely disable the Trend Micro AI Protection functionality, but leave in the parental controls (or at least the time scheduling functionality). I run a pfSense router in front of the RT-AC3200 and am happy with the WiFi and the excellent scripts provided by this community currently running on the AC-3200.

Is this even possible? Is there a better alternative such as a newer Asus router?

I am comfortable in Linux as I have been a Systems Admin for a while now, but definitely not a programmer and will probably struggle with anything but basic compile time configuration.

Any feedback or suggestions very much appreciated.



Asuswrt-Merlin dev
You will have to work off the 384.13_x branch for this model. Master (or even 384.mainline) branches are no longer compatible with it.

Anything related to wifi is closed source, so you can't change what gets logged for it.


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Brad, we still use our AC3200 as AP, and was curious if you've had a chance to experiment with the RT-AC86? Many think it's getting too od but it's power/features/range still serves us well. Wonder if you run openvpn on your PfSense machine, and what packages? It's a challenge at time even for we old guys that cut our teeth decades ago, on the primitive networks far far away in the early '80s. My first 'promotion' to operations admin was working on the Sperry Univac mainframe, a most unloved beast.


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Thanks RMerlin, appreciate you taking the time to advise. I will look into leveraging something else, maybe Mikrotiks for WiFi, although I will still keep both the RT-AC3200 and also the old DSL-AC68U just because AsusWRT-Merlin is such a fantastic beast.

LOL @ st3v3n, I cut my teeth in Financial Services, AS/400s and HP-UX workstations ;) I feel your pain. Yes I am running OpenVPN (and Wireguard), then the usual packages such a NTOP, Suricata and pfBlockerNG. I'll look into a newer Asus, but as RMerlin mentioned if the WiFi is closed there's not a lot a point for my use case.
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