Complex wifi setup with RT-AC68U behind ISP modem/router

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First, I must warn that I'm no expert in networking. I know a bit more than the basics. For example, I did flash my RT-AC1900P with the RT-AC68U firmware and keep it working and updated. I set up some static IP in my LAN, and I also setup the client VPN feature to work with my VPN provider and set it up for specific IP and guests network. I tell you that to give you an idea about what I'm able to do actually.

I'm about to renew my internet and TV plan. One of my favorite choice is one that require TV decoders that work with Wifi. The problem is that they normally work with the Wifi of the ISP gateway (I don't want to use it to custom my network as I want) on a special channel that doesn't count on the bandwidth usage. So if I use it as a modem and as a bridge on the router side (it allows this setup), the decoders will then use the Wifi my router but will then count on my bandwidth usage (confirmed by my ISP techs). So, doing so makes me pay more to get a bigger plan (400Mbps instead of 120Mbps) that I don't normally need... It a waste of money.

So, I want to know if my router and ISP one can be configure to let the decoders use my router Wifi and be considered on the network of the ISP. I'm speaking about a router behind a router setup here. I would let the ISP gateway in complete router mode, but only shut its Wifi off. If I can manage to use the decoders as if they were using the ISP gateway Wifi, it could then be possible that they'll use the gateway channel that makes them not impacting the bandwidth. Even then, I'm not sure and my ISP isn't knowing the answer...

So, is it possible easily and going to let my home network efficient? Can specific connected devices to my router's Wifi only pass through as if they were connected on the ISP gateway?


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