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Computer on LAN bypassing DNSFilter

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My work issued computer is bypassing DNSFilter when connected to my router (no vpn enabled on the work computer). When I check IPleak.net it reports the same OpenDNS servers as when I have DNSFilter disabled. I have set the following settings:

Enable DNS-based Filtering: On
Global Filter Mode: Router
Custom (user-defined) DNS 1: All three blank
Client List: No data in table.

On the WAN page
Connect to DNS Server automatically: No (servers set to Cloudflare)

I suspect it has something to do with these values from the ipconfig output on the work computer:
Primary DNS Suffix: home.myfirm.com
DNS Suffix Search List: home.myfirm.com
DNS Servers:

I don't necessarily need to circumvent the DNS settings on my work computer but am curious if I have configured DNSFilter properly and also just curious on the mechanics of how they are bypassing DNSFilter assuming I've configured it properly.
I’m interested. How could I do this?
It's no different from a DNS server running on the router, or on a Raspberry Pi for example (although you tend to have to pay for Windows software). But in the OP's case it might not necessarily be a stand-alone application, it might be one component of a security suite.

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