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Configuration Asus XT12 & Modem

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New Around Here
Hi all,
Sorry for the (possible) stupid question but I am not a specialist.
I would like to start the configuration of my XT12 as a router. Do I need, BEFORE starting the configuration of the XT12, to set up my own modem router into a modem only bridge mode or not?
If not when do I need, in this configuration process, to put it on a bridge mode?
It's not clear in the quick start guide and it's not mentioned in the several youtube videos that I have seen.
Thank you for any help, I would be very grateful!
Have a nice day!
What ISP & device model is your router? Example, if your with Virgin Media, you can put it into Modem mode. Depends on the modem setup.
Hi Bhoot,
Thanks for your answer. My device model is a Technicolor CGA (Europe).
In the meantime, I solved the problem: I kept the modem on a normal mode, then configured the XT12 and eventually passed my modem Technicolor on Bridge mode.
I succeeded without any problem ... luckily.
Thanks a lot and have a good day!

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