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Configuring Linksys MR9610 for charter/Spectrum

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Sadly I'm connected to Charter/Spectrum. I called Charter and talked with 2 tech support clowns and 1 supervisor clown that appered to be reading canned notes on the computer screen. In the past I have talked with real tech support people. Linksys support told me what to ask for and the clowns response was, We don't give out IP addresses." !!!:mad::mad:

The trouble shooting menu shows all devices connected to IPV4. IPV6 section is empty. Downlod speed is less than I had befor. I'm looking at the connectivity/internet settings
I'm sure there are others out there using this router and charter. 🥹

All help apprecaited.

I was told to ask for the prefix, prefix length, border relay and IPV4 mask legenth. An exhausting search of the internet come up with nothing..
First off I wouldn't use the clone option.
2nd is this v6 for the LAN or WAN? The WAN should get its own IP automatically from the modem it's hooked up to if they're supplying v6 addresses.
You only need those fields if you go into a manual setup.

Your WAN is probably a /32 which is single address issued to the end device connected to the modem.
Typically with v6 you'll see a /64 being issued from the provider side. However you'll have to play around with settings to verify it's working.

I disable v6 and force v4 through a VPN instead of monkeying around with providers / skimmers on the web collecting data to make money. I also setup the VPN to auto cycle every 30 minutes to keep things fresh and clean.

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