Configuring Merlin 386.4 need advice


New Around Here
Good day to the community,

New member here, I did a lot of reading and finally decided to jump in the Merlin Bandwagon because of the great reputation of the community as well as the one from the Firmware itself.

I got myself a AC5300 that I have flashed with the 386.4 version, I would like to know if I could get your recommendations on how I should implement the desired following services to ensure success on deployment.

My intent are the following

1 - run a VPN client (PIA, not to name it) that will operate on some specific devices, not all traffic will route via this. I am familiar with creating Static IP for the devices in Merlin
2 - install a VPN Server (I think I will go with Open VPN as WireGuard (is not fully supported yet, not sure about it..)
3 - use Quad 9 or Cloudfare DNS as default - not sure about how this will work with PIA (DNS Leak?)
4 - use an ad blocking solution like Diversion or AdGuardHome -

*I will initially create all my static IP for my devices before doing any of the steps under.
I was thinking of doing the change in the firmware in the order above 1 to 4, do you think that I should do it in a different order? I was thinking at 3, 1, 2 and 4

I do not even know if the order matters or not, maybe I am overthinking it with the very limited knowledge that I have, hopefully this is the case...LOL

I would like to thank in advance the community for the excellent work done on this amazing firmware.

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