Confused about firmware install

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Hi all

Having fixed the slow performance issues with my new AX86U [ it was the drivers on my PC ] i'm now happy with the new AX86U as a replacement to my AC68U

But its currently on Asus firmware and i'm missing some options like DNS over TLS

Reading the forums looks like its either a beta2 or beta3 release can be installed on the AX86U. But i'm confused as to the install since its been years since i've installed Merlin from nothing

On the main wiki its just another simple firmware upgrade

But loads of talk on here about reset, reboots, 3 times over and formats and loads of other this really required and why ?


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But loads of talk on here about reset, reboots, 3 times over and formats and loads of other this really required and why ?
No, that stuff is not normally required - unless you're experiencing strange behaviour that you cannot resolve (in which case a simple factory reset is usually all that's necessary). In normal circumstances you would just install Merlin's firmware through the GUI just like any other.

Do read the release notes for the particular release that you plan to install because occasionally there's some specific change that might require special action. And of course a beta release is just that - beta. Use it at you own risk and there may be bugs or special procedures required to install/configure it.
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This board is amazing!

I just have to say, so many great people with great knowledge and great advise.

thank you again.


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Read not for the 'how', but the 'why'. :)

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