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Connect two locations via "transparent vpn"?

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New Around Here

Sorry for the title, couldn't find better one...
Problem description:

1. Two locations
2. Both have asuswrt-merlin with public ip
3. Both locations should have same LAN (each PC should see other five PCs)
4. Location_2 does not need access to "outside internet", only to Location_1 and Location_2
5. Preferably IPs in Location_2 should be served by DHCP on Router1

Location_1                                                                Location_2

PC1 (\                                                    /---PC4 (
                     \                                                  /
PC2 ( Router1 (PublicIP_1) ------ (PublicIP_2) Router2 -----PC5 (
                     /                                                  \
PC3 (                                                    \---PC6 (

I assume I need OpenVPN server on Router1 and Client on Router2.
Since this is my approach to VPN, all suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.



Senior Member
Don't do what you have pictured. Change the network on one of the sides so you can build routing tables that tell the client when to send packets outside of the local network.

You could make one network 192.168.1.x and one 192.168.2.x for example.


New Around Here
Thanks, I will change the Location_2 LAN to 192.168.2.x
Could you or someone experienced give example of that routing table?
Much appreciated.
Thank you again!


Very Senior Member
If you want to do this the industry standard way, you use enterprise IPsec vpn routers and build IPsec tunnels. Used enterprise routers are cheaper than anything consumer and 10x as powerful. Use the consumer routers as access points.

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