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Connection uptime, Voxel firmware for Nighthawk(R) X4S R7800

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My uptime , V1.0.2.66SF
35 days & counting


yours ?

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I've had a 90 days uptime on stock firmware with no issues. Then came a new firmware and I had to flash it which broke my uptime. A few days ago I flashed .63 hot fix firmware from NG and am currently at 3 days uptime

I have a 500 Mbps down and 40 Mbps up speed. No issues achieving these
My uptime , V1.0.2.66SF
35 days & counting
Probably the record is with my colleague's R7800. He is still using (he is busy and have no time to bring it to me for upgrade). Uptime is 389 days... His router is using USB webcam and nginx from Entware (webserver) to watch the video stream remotely.


I was a long time user of Asus routers because I like their firmware, but the older models that I've owned have always seemed to need periodic resets, even when running Tomato and Merlin firmware. When buying a router for my office I decided to go with the R7800 instead of Asus because of the many positive comments here about it's performance as an access point. Although the stock R7800 firmware is definitely not as nice as Asus, I have not regretted the decision. In 4 months of use at a small office, I haven't had to reset the router once due to performance problems. I can't say that about any other router I have ever owned, they all needed periodic resets and never felt 100% reliable. I'm pleased enough with the R7800 that I recently bought another for my home.

Voxel, your firmware was an important part of my decision to buy another R7800. Thank you so much for all your effort!
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61 days uptime for the internet connection, not uptime without restart.
In 2 months i did not have a disconnection from the internet

netgear woxel.jpg

In this way i want to thank VOXEL for his work . For me it is a stable version, V1.0.2.72SF

I have two routers R7800 Main and R7800 AP
The AP V1.02.74SF solid as an rock one this firmware, never issues, the best ever see! Stable!!! never connection problems 24*7 ready
I try higher version, but the 74SF is the best. De main router update when er a newer version of Voxel firmware is!
R7800 the best router ever seen,,
Voxel and compels,,Gracias thanks for all
61 days uptime for the internet connection, not uptime without restart.
In 2 months i did not have a disconnection from the internet

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In this way i want to thank VOXEL for his work . For me it is a stable version, V1.0.2.72SF

So damn great screenshot. I think I can get the same with my r9000. I will challenge you:) I never disconnect if it is not to update with Voxel or Kamoj. Great screenshot that just tell what it is. We netgears owner are lucky to have really high tech people working with us.
Do not have screenshots - as I had few power cuts, but have been running R7800 continously since Voxel's .72 till recently.
I got FTTH and decided to update FW .78 and use R7800 as AP.
R7800 is really good router regarding HW.
That is one part, the other - more important is what Voxel has been doing. With his FWs this router becomes what
Nokia 6310i was its times - too good and undestructible.
As you keep rolling it will be hard get you. I helped a friend set up Voxel and Kamoj some months ago. He uses the router as intended (just to provide internet) and dont worry to much. I was at his house and helped him flash his r9000 up to date some days ago. He had done one reboot after the initial set up and had over a month uptime until I flashed it with Voxel and kamojs latest updates. The one reboot was internet failure in the whole neighborhood and troubleshooting. My own r9000 with the same setup is still keeping up with updates so cant really compete yet. Still have had no reboots thou that I not myself initiated to update.

My friend live in another town so I guess he wont update in some time so let's see what uptime he can get:)

What sure is the firmware we get is working. What I can do thou is compare my netgear r9000 reach in my own home. With stock firmware I could not even watch netflix in my bedroom and sometimes was below 1 mbits at that place. Today with Voxel/Kamoj I get over 200 mbits internet in my bedroom and that is with VPN on and that is aslo about what my ISP is sending to me.

82 days of non-stop internet without an interruption and counting.
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