Consequences of RT-AC68U USB flash failure

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Hello gents. Recently i got a very strange glitch with my trusty AC-68U.
Two days ago in a middle of day internet just stopped working. Exactly like that. No tinkering with router involved.
Router just stopped forwarding traffic. Restarting router yielded very weird results - no DCHP requests were accepted.
Then i tried again, but turned it off for several minutes. I was able to access router but again - no internet.
I called my ISP and they reported that no DHCP requests from my router are incoming.
Scripts on flash (32GB) were also inaccessible so i pulled it out from the router.
Suddenly... router began to work.
I turned my suspicions towards flash then and ran usb flash tester. Ouch! Many write and read failures.
So root cause - faulty USB flash stick. Problem solved, just replace it. I had 8GB stick laying arround and i tested it thoroughly to be sure it is fine.
I also plugged it into USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0 just to make sure it heats up less.

I do not run any custom DHCP or routing services which could use flash, all i have is in my signature.
Because of swap file located on flash? But router was not so overloaded that it would swap constantly.

Okay, but what puzzles me is why malfunctioning flash killed router's basic functions?
Any ideas?

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