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Could I use the coax wall plugs in my house to relocate the modem?


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Right now my router/modem is located in the basement of my house. It was located there initially so the house alarm could be connected via ethernet cable for monitoring. My dilemma right now is the wifi seems to be slow in some part of the house. Is it possible that I have a 2 way splitter after the main coax line then one end of the plug to another 3 way splitter that distributes to the house? Grab the modem and relocate it on the living room? The other end of the 2 way split I could probably buy a MoCa adapter (just started reading about this) to connect my house alarm. Not sure if this is feasible or if my internet connection will slow down.


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It's possible it could work remember every time you split your losing signal the losses are printed on any good splitter. That said if your rf signal remains strong enough after all the splits and it does not raise your upstream out of spec it can be done. Probably not the best idea to daisy chain a bunch of splitters but i have seen it done.


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We just recently bought the house so not sure what was the current setup. I do see a broadband drop amp being used as another splitter. Does that device help with the signal?


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For the alarm, consider a WiFi bridge or PowerLine adapters. The cost point of MoCa is quite a bit higher and the performance requirements for your alarm panel will be quite low.


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Does powerline adapters always have to be in pair? Could it work if I have one in the basement and 2 others on different places in the house?


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One more point is powerline adapters are limited on speed. So if you have one of the high end packages available today they will not keep up. You can run them off a switch but not your main feed so the slower speed will not effect the overall speed of your package.

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Do you have any need for wifi in your basement? Because if you need it in both places, then you should probably look at an access point or extender.

I'm not really good with coax cable, but it seems like your idea might work... but it might not be worth it. You currently have a 3 way splitter going to your modem and TVs, right? And I assume you can't relocate the Ethernet cable from the alarm company?

I think a tech told me that the modem is typically installed after just one split, so:
1) 2 way splitter in the basement. One side goes directly to the modem upstairs
2) daisy chain to a 3 way splitter which goes to other TVs. (possible problem, if modem and a TV are upstairs and would need to share cable, you'd need the two way up there, and it would weaken the signal).
3) 2x MoCa adaptors for the alarm system.

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