Couple of Quick Questions for Aimesh Node setup

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JT Strickland

Very Senior Member
How can I flash merlin firmware to a new RT-AX86U without going through setup? Or can I?
And, it seems unnecessary to do factory reset with a new router if I can get it flashed first without setup. It should be as factory as it can get. Is my thinking wrong on this?
Trying to get a node back up and running. Original node had to replace the young primary router which was struck by lightning in the line of duty.
ps: better search didn't turn up anything useful.


Part of the Furniture
In order to get to the place where you can flash Merlin the router may upgrade itself unless you start it up with no WAN connection. Once Merlin is flashed it is mandatory to do a factory reset or hard factory reset. Then plug in the WAN connection and set it up. I can flash new firmware, factory reset and set up an AX86U in about 15 minutes. This guy is quick! And I've done it a few times, too.

JT Strickland

Very Senior Member
OK, folks, that's what I'll do! I had read where some would re-flash it, and I figured without going thru setup, but I couldn't find out how. It's just as well. I will start out with no WAN, then reset it, and connect to it as a node wirelessly before I move it to it's new home.


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The act of flashing stock Asus firmware to RMerlin firmware requires a full reset to factory defaults. Does not matter if the router is/was set up, or not.

JT Strickland

Very Senior Member
Got it, it's off and running now. Smooth as silk, so far.

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