CPU constant up and down

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David Wolfe

Occasional Visitor
Anyone have an explanation as to why my RT-AC5300's CPU graph is constantly teeter-tottering on CPU with each core taking turns maxing out?

This is a constant behavior, not just post boot and TOP via the console line does not show similar data on CPU usage. I just updated to 384.17 from 384.14_2 and both versions show this behavior.

If there is something running a cpu core at 100%, how do I go about tracking that down?




Part of the Furniture
Humor us and post the output of:
top -bn 1 | head -25

David Wolfe

Occasional Visitor
Fantastic advice, Colin. That seems to have done the trick. What do you think is the core issue? I'll do a disk check on another system for the drive but is there anything else I should be looking at?


Part of the Furniture
The media server does period scans of the disk to update its library. My guess it's choking on a particular file (or you have too many files :D).


Senior Member
I had this very exact symptom .... the cause was the external USB drive. I ran a check disk from the GUI of the router, and it was fixed ...

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