CPU Multitasking?

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Hi, I am using AX3000 (AX58U).

My home fiber internet is 500MB/500MB.

if i do only downloads i can reach about 60MB/s.
If i do only upload i can upload at about 60MB/s.

But if i do download and upload same time, i can never reach full speed for both DL/UL, even though i disabled QOS, disable AI protection.
I tried with another route which is Redmi AX5, i can reach about 58MB/s UL/DL same time. (i dont use AX5 as my main router as i want to use Aimesh since i have other Asus router)

as you can see below Core 1 reach 99% when doing heavy upload/download, the processing power of Core 2 is generally left unused.
is there any way i can make it utilize all the core more efficiently?



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Have you withdraw completely Trend Micro terms at Administration - Privacy?


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Most programs are single-threaded, which is why multi-core routers are not as good as single-core but high-frequency routers.
Of course, Merlin firmware has many optimizations based on multi-core, but this is not enough to change the situation where single-threaded programs are mostly.

When AMD and INTEL started to introduce 16-core, 32-core or even 64-core home CPUs, I started to feel bored, because few games can make full use of all the cores. just waste more power.

By the way, I see that the third core is running, are you using wireless to speed test?
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Have you withdraw completely Trend Micro terms at Administration - Privacy?

Some additional considerations:

CPU utilization is a kernel scheduler (cpufreq) game -- normally scheduler tweaks are within the tree at /sys/devices/system/cpu -- not published by the kernel on my router (I'm considering adding some tweaks to the schedulers, haven't setup a build VM yet). Point is, messing with scheduling of CPUs is likely not possible on your router.

With that said, the kernel knows how to spread the load if it *can* spread (thread) tasks across different CPUs, so this isn't likely your issue (unless you think there's a bug in the cpu drivers). If you're thinking there's a bug, give pigz a shot at compressing a large file -- it is multi-core aware and you can see if the scheduler properly spreads the load across all cores. Pretty sure it will.

DL/UL is also limited by the other side (i.e., the upload available bandwidth of the download site). I dunno how many parallel (i.e., multi-core capable) downloads you are trying or the other side, but something to consider. You could start multiple downloads in the background (curl, wget, whatever) and check that way to try saturating your link.

Also your 'save' device matters. Not clear where you're saving files, but if I/O blocks, and your downloader is single-threaded, you're limited no matter what to what the IO scheduler can do (it has to save the data somewhere -- if you try pigz, just have it write to /dev/null or the like).
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