CPU to handle VPN?

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Using AC68U with merlin firmware now.
My VPN client routes traffic from two devices and it hurts the download speed alot from those endpoints.
I think the cpu is the bottleneck.. any recomendation what to do or what to buy instead?


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Yes, the processor is too weak. On the hardware side, suggest one of the following RT-AC86U, RT-AX88U, or RT-AX86U (the latter only has Alpha RMerlin firmware today) which will allow you to reach 200Mbps or above.

Before buying one of those though, there are some more questions for you.

What is the ISP speeds up and down for both endpoints?

One endpoint is the RT-AC68U that 'needs' replacing for potentially higher speeds, what is the other endpoint? A router, or a computer? What is the CPU specs there?

What RMerlin firmware are you running? Have you tested with different options, particularly for the Data ciphers setting?

What speeds are you getting right now over the VPN connection?

What are your expectations?


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i got 1000/1000 Mbps to a PC that can max the speed if uencrypted using the latest Merlin 384.19, talking to multiple clients on the other end.
Read that Merlin had the project on pause makes me a bit worried :(

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