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Create My Own Access Point With Unchanging Subnet


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I currently am attending University and living in residence, where they have a WPA2-Enterprise network that uses our uni email/password to validate, as well as a WPA2 PSK for non-enterprise devices. To connect to the non-enterprise network, you need to register the device's MAC address, then it assigns you a random password to login to the SSID. When I first tried to hook up my Google Home and Chromecast to the non-Enterprise network, I found myself usually unable to even get past set-up and when I did (rarely), my phones/tablets were unable to see them while on said non-enterprise network.

After some troubleshooting and asking around, I finally got a straight answer from the IT admin that it has to do with the fact the non-enterprise network utilizes a changing subnet. I'm not super literate on network lingo so I wasn't totally sure what that meant. I've looked around and it seems a possible solution would be to register my own router as an access point to the non-enterprise SSID and assign it a non-changing subnet, passing all the traffic through there and making it appear to the uni router that it is just traffic from one device. There's no rules against me setting this up and I would have it locked down so that only I would be able to attach devices to the ad-hoc router. Asking them to change their entire network strategy is a little out of the question given how large the campus is. Would this be possible/how would one even go about doing it? Apologies for the intro level post.


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