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Voxel Custom firmware build for Orbi LBR20 v.

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Part of the Furniture
Continuation of:

. . .

New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. Toolchain: Go is upgraded 1.21.6->1.22.2.
2. expat package is upgraded 2.5.0->2.6.2 (fixing CVE-2023-52425, CVE-2023-52426, CVE-2024-28757).
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 5.5, Medium)​
(score 7.5, High)​
3. unbound package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.19.0->1.19.3 (fixing CVE-2023-50387, CVE-2023-50868, CVE-2024-1931).
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
4. dropbear package is upgraded 2022.83->2024.84 (fixing CVE-2023-48795).
(score 5.9. Medium)​
5. bind package is upgraded 9.18.21->9.18.25 (fixing CVE-2023-4408, CVE-2023-5517, CVE-2023-5679, CVE-2023-50387, CVE-2023-50868, CVE-2023-50387).​
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
(score 7.5, High)​
6. libuv: add patch to fix CVE-2024-24806.
(score 7.3, High)​
7. nghttp2 package is upgraded 1.59.0->1.61.0.
(score 5.3, Medium)​
8. lua: add patch to fix CVE-2014-5461.
(score 5.0. Medium)​
9. OpenVPN is upgraded 2.6.8->2.6.10.
10. lighttpd package is upgraded 1.4.73->1.4.75.
11. curl package is upgraded 8.6.0->8.7.1.
12. ipset package is upgraded 7.19->7.21.
13. wget package is upgraded 1.21.4->1.24.5.
14. util-linux package is upgraded 2.39.3->2.39.4.
15. coreutils package is upgraded 9.4->9.5.
16. gettext-full package is upgraded 0.22.4->0.22.5.
17. libcap-ng package is upgraded 0.8.4->0.8.5.
18. ca-certificates package is upgraded 20230311->20240203.
19. Host tools: upgrade UPX to 4.2.3.

The link is:

https://www.voxel-firmware.com (thanks to vladlenas for his help with hosting).

Greetings, I came here to get my LBR20 up and running, I have done so, I thank you Voxel, good work, very stable and I need the device to send me SMS alerts from other devices on my network and I can do that with the included sms-tool, my question is this, why is the SMS front end for the web not send enabled nor have message clearing buttons? I am noob at PHP but can I just add it with some work?
Is there any place I should start to understand what platform specific things I need to know about running programs on the router and using them remotely

*edit : also I wondered what I would need to do to encapsulate the json output of the MMS and turn it in to an image or something on the web front end? Does the router have to be able to handle the MMS contents or can it be passed to the browser to render or play

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