Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

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Continuation of

New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. libxml2 package is upgraded 2.9.4->2.9.5.
2. expat package is upgraded 2.2.3->2.2.4.
3. confuse package is upgraded 3.2->3.2.1.
4. wget package is upgraded 1.18->1.19.1.
5. libubox package is upgraded 2017-02-24->2017-06-17.
6. curl/libcurl is synchronized with OpenWRT/LEDE.
7. CIFS kernel modules are added (possibility to mount remote shared disks from console).
8. Host tools: several patches are added (genext2fs lzma m4 mkimage).

Example of mounting remote shared disks:
mkdir /mnt/cifs
mount \\\\\\ShareName /mnt/cifs -t cifs -o "username=UserName,password=PassWord"

The link is: (thanks to vladlenas for his help with hosting).

No reset is needed to upgrade from my previous versions.



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I ended up getting 36 and 37 before they were even mentioned here lol. Maybe I am just impatient lol, having bookmarked your site.


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Still your 35F rocking.

This time less bandwidth though 1/3



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FW working great here. Just checking my understanding of it though. The core is fundamentally the same as Netgears? You add and update various packages? The GUI, etc., are unchanged?


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Hi all,
I publish my custom firmware for R7800 owners. People using my firmware suggested me to start topic here, in this forum. Open Router forum is not so friendly for participants and sometimes people are just unable to publish their posts.
I included modifications similar to what I already did for R7500v1 (and plus something more):

Topic in the Open Router forum (my firmware) is here:

This custom firmware is based on the stock firmware but with following advantages:

Compiled with optimization for Cortex A15 CPU (IPQ8065 is Krait, so its architecture is practically the same as Cortex A15, the same set of extended instructions vs generic ARMv7-a)

Compiled with “-O2” optimization for all projects, plus “-O3” optimization for several key packages (performance)i

New toolchain (compilation tools) is used (stability, more optimal codes)

SSH server is included (dropbear)

Possibility to extend the functionality of router with additional software packages (Entware-ng/Entware-3x, more than 2000 additional packages and/or chroot-ed Debian)

OpenSSL is optimized with assembler optimization, so OpenVPN should work much faster

Possibility to use own CA/CERT/KEY/DH files for OpenVPN (your own OpenVPN server settings)

Additional packages such as e.g. Transmission, bittorent cient with its GUI, dnscrypt-proxy (your privacy) etc.

Updated a lot of old packages used in stock FW to most recent versions taken from OpenWRT

Several bugs in stock FW are corrected

Etc. etc. etc


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FW working great here. Just checking my understanding of it though. The core is fundamentally the same as Netgears? You add and update various packages? The GUI, etc., are unchanged?
Yes I upgraded almost all Open Source packages leaving only enclosed (enclosed includes WebGUI). Core (as a skeleton) is fundamentally the same as Netgear's to have possibility of using pre-built proprietary kernel drivers.



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@Voxel Hi , I use your firmware which is good,however I am thinking of switching isp here in the uk to sky,I currently use a DrayTek Vigor 130 modem,but to use Sky as an isp DHCP 60&61 is required on the R7800,does your firmware included this as I think the stock does not and I’m not sure how I check if it’s available in the GUI.
Thanks for any help
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It seems with the new SMB update in the last firmware update Time Machine can no longer see shared drives as usable drives for Time Machine. The shared drives are still accessible but Time Machine can't see them. Can someone else confirm this issue?


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you really implemented it

Seems have to upgrade 36 to see 37.


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I have Voxel's installed and when I check for a Firmware Update using the Netgear Firmware Update Assistant it states the following:

New firmware is found. Do you want to update the firmware? (Yes) (No)

Current GUI Language Version: V1.0.0.288
New GUI Language Version: V1.0.0.299

Should I install this or not?

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