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D-link COVR-X1860 mesh connection

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I have just had fttp installed which entailed a single d-link m15 router/modem installed in my hallway. I thought I'd make use of my linksys wrt 3200acm upstairs where I have 4 network cables linked around the house. I purchased a pair of COVR-X1860 wifi mesh routers to use as aps, I ran a cat6 cable from ethernet port on m15 router to the Internet port on COVR-X1860 then out through ethernet port to Internet port on wrt3200acm. The 4 cables coming from back of ethernet ports , 2 to tvs, 1 to Nas, and the other to the second COVR-X1860 Internet port and out from there to Bt youview box. Since I have found out the wrt3200acm is not compatible with mesh wifi 6, I wondered if I swapped it for tplink ax1800 Archer ax23, would I connect the 2 D-link COVR-X1860 in the same way?
You don't need this Linksys router. What you do need is a switch upstairs for more LAN ports. Check if the new X1860 is compatible with your M15 in "mesh" system. M15 is part of D-Link mesh system, sold in 3-pack. There is a chance. No other manufacturer hardware will be compatible.
Thanks, a bit clearer now, could I just use the COVR-X1860 upstairs into a switch and link other network cables and nas through switch ?
I would simplify the network this way:

ISP Connection -> X1860 Main Unit -> 8-Port Switch -> Wired Devices + X1860 Satellite

The two new AX-class units may be all you need. Replace the older M15 router with X1860 Main Unit, its single LAN port connect to a Switch upstairs. Your wired devices connect to the switch as well as X1860 Satellite. Experiment with Satellite position, ideally close to the other side of the house, not on top of the main unit. Check in X1860 User Manual how to use wired (Ethernet) backhaul for maximum performance.

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