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D-Link DAP-1522 Review

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Have you tested this bridge with new 1.20 firmware update?
It appears that many updates were released for this bridge..

they are on 1.21 and still has bad perf on 2.4 ghz band
I find the settings and behavior to be incredibly klugey. I can't connect to xbox live over it except with mac cloning turned on. Which means my xbox has to share it's IP. Rebooting is your friend. And don't assume that if you reboot once and it doesn't fix your problem that rebooting a few more times won't. Which makes no sense at all. But if you talk to their support. I don't know, I think engineering over there works off of cards. High level designers spec something and come up with some decent hardware and then the actual design is done by junkies or script jockies, or script jockies who are junkies.
You know I didn't look at your pictures before, this thing has those mini pcie connectors on the internal antennae. I think I'm going to put 2 of those tyco laptop antennae in mine and position them external to the unit. Anyone know what you call those connectors?
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