D-Link DES-1210-28P - Fans

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Since I bought the DES-1210-28P (hardware version B1) switch back in 2013, the fans have always run at full speed and are stupidly loud.

The switch is being used to connect/power 9 x IP cameras, but isn't really under much load:
Total PoE Power Budget        185
Power Used                    62
Power Left                    123
Percentage of System Power    33.5%

I'm looking to replace the fans and found this eBay listing:

Similar Sunon fans are less than £10 each, so ~£50 (including shipping to the UK) is ridiculously high, especially since any rewiring is fairly straightforward. The seller obviously knows that because the model number has been conveniently hidden in the first photo.

I think I need either one of these:

  • Has anyone here changed fans in a DES-1210-28P and can share details of the replacements used?
  • Does anyone know the specifications of the stock DES-1210-28P fans? I can't find any information online, so thought I would ask before I resort to opening the switch up.
  • Any suggestions / advice?


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No personal experience doing this with D-Link switches, but similar swaps have been fairly well-documented for Netgear, Cisco SG, HPE, UniFi, etc. -- basically any commodity box with non-proprietary internals (which a good bulk of the access switching market at this point).

A few tips:
1) Pay attention to the airflow ratings of the proposed new fan. A lot of alternative "quiet" fans get such low noise ratings by spinning at lower RPM and/or lower-flow designs. So while the switch would run quieter, it may also run warmer, potentially shortening its life.
2) Make sure (as it appears you've done) to get the right voltage, fan size and connector pin-out (and/or pin adapters) in order to match any tachometer control and/or fan warning intelligence.
3) Hang onto the original fans for a re-swap if you ever have to send the switch in for RMA (leaving the new fans in will most assuredly void the warranty).

Regarding where to buy from, as long as you've done enough due-diligence to match SKUs, sourcing from anyone shouldn't be a problem. If the price is low enough, just pull the trigger.


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If you can't find anyone that has a reference on the fans in there today, your best bet is to crack the case open to confirm exactly which fan is in there today. This gives you a starting point of CFM and noise and can step down from there a bit to work towards a quieter environment. Stay away from sleeve bearing/bushing fans. They are usually the quietest, but also usually have the shortest life.


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Did you find out what fans to use?

The stock fans were:

Brand: Y.S. TECH
Model: FD124020EB

Details of what I ended up doing are in the comments on someone else's Reddit post (I am DangerPhoenix):
The summary is that after trying quieter fans, I ended up sticking to the stock ones with an inline low voltage adaptor. It allowed my device to continue passing the fan check and produce sufficient airflow, whilst being significantly quieter than before.
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