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D-Link DGS-1016C Switch

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Greetings everyone! It's been a long while since I've been around. I guess that means all has been well in terms of my networking setup/needs. 😁

I needed more ethernet connectivity in my media system stand so picked up a 16 port subject title gigabit switch, replacing a USB-powered D-Link 8 port. Of course everything was a breeze getting it all connected today. And of course, the included user guide/manual is lacking in terms of information.

Is anyone else using one of these switches? Or the DGS-1016D (or 1024 variant which is 24 port) which is same except for power connector?
My one question is the SWITCH GND screw on the rear middle of the unit. Is it intended to be connected to an actual ground or something? If so, what do I do? I've never seen this on switches I've used in the past, albeit this 16 port is the largest I've acquired so far.

Stock pic of rear w/ ground in middle:

2023-05-21 15_28_28-D-Link DGS-1016C 16-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop_Rackmount Switch _ Secu...png

I hunted for more info online to no avail. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

According to Dlink that is for positive bonding the switch chassis to the rack for safety reasons. The rack would be bonded to electrical earth point of the supplied power to the rack. Depending on the ethernet cabling used, the a shield would be bonded to the earth, possibly at this switch and the bonding of the switch chassis to the rack bonding point would complete the connection to earth.
If you are using unshielded cable, that would be a moot point and the bonding would only be for electrical fault protection for humans.

This is in the user manual under "safety" section

What is your hardware revision letter ?

Is your switch using an AC 3 prong power cord or the image 12 V DC external power supply ?
Thanks for the reply!

Safety section? Who reads that? Haha! I guess I should have looked more closely.

The h/w version is “B2”

The image I posted is the model I bought which is the 1016C. 1016D has the 3 prong cord. I was going to go with the 1016D but came across some reviews where the internal power supply became faulty.

So I guess I should not have to worry about the ground? The switch is just sitting on shelf under tv, not rack-mounted or anything.
contact Dlink tech support. You may have to escalate.

without a correct earth bond and reference, two issues i can think of - floating ground level for internal circuit reference/operation and any electrical fault to the case will energize the metal case possibly creating a hazard to anyone touching the case while creating a path to earth inadvertently.
So I guess I should not have to worry about the ground? The switch is just sitting on shelf under tv, not rack-mounted or anything.
No you don't have to worry about the ground in this situation. The switch is isolated from the mains because of the DC power adapter and you're not electrically bonding the case to anything else that might be live. So this is no different than any other consumer electronic device, like a Blu-ray player.
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