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D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router RemoteDesktop

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I replaced my di 624 to a DIR 655 at the end. Yeah. But my remote Remote Desktop is not working outside the house. I can remote control my local network with a local ip <---- this works locally<----- at my friends house , this will not work

The reason it was working before is that I was be able to go to port forward setting in the router and set to forward the two ports.<--- di 624 let me forward this IP<--- 655 won't let me port foward anything but local IP

Now the 655 only lets me port foward or something.

I know there must be a way of doing this or I was setting up my remote desktoip all wrong in Windows XP =P. Somebody help =P
You should just be able to forward port 6666 to the IP of the machine on your LAN that you want to Remote Desktop to. You don't forward to the IP of the WAN port.
I have a DIR-655, and forwaring ports is pretty straight forward, but admittedly can be a little confusing on the first go-round. I dont remember the exact menus just off hand, but it should just be a matter of forwarding TCP/UDP 6666 to your internal IP (the router already knows / assumes this is coming from the LAN). You should be able to choose a port/protocol and a local IP to forward it to (192.168.x.x).

Couple things to remember:

1. Your internal IP (192.168.x.x) might change if you dont have it set statically, hence making forwarding a pain.

2. 'Other' firewalls (Windows / Norton). Sometimes when hooking up a new router, certain firewalls will detect it as a new connection, and reset your settings or create a new profile / new settings.

If you're still having trouble I can pop into my 655 when I get home and get the exact process for you.

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