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D-Link DNS-343 vs Synology CS407 vs CS407e

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D-Link DNS-343 vs Synology CS407 vs CS407e

I saw the recent review of the D-Link and did a comparison of it with the Synology since they have the CLOSEST numbers on the NAS Charts.

Also did a feature comparison. Noticed that CS407 is $100 more expensive than the D-Link which has similar pricing as the CS407e (which has lower performance).

This is question to Tim...

How would you compare the CS407 and D-Link given that their NAS chart performances are shoulder to shoulder, D-Link being slightly higher on each.

Which one would you go for and why? Pros & Cons.
Depends on what you want. The Synologys have more bells and whistles then the D-Links.

Also depends on your comfort level with dealing with a smaller manufacturer.

The Synology's firmware feels more mature and polished than the D-Link's.

And I wouldn't choose either, since I don't need RAID 5! :)
Like Tim says, the synology product has a lot a features that don't have the dns-343 and synology often updates it.

You can also consider the new ds-408 which will replace the cs-407.
It has the same cpu than the ds-508 (so nearly the same performance) and more ram than the cs-407.
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