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D-Link DWA-140 resetting itself

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I have a problem with a D-Link DWA-140 NIC that for some reason seems to be resetting itself, all of a sudden it looses it's connection to the router (D-Link DIR-655) and after a minute or two it re-establishes the connection also by itself with no interaction on my part.

I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit but also had the same problem when using the 32-bit version and my son has the same model of NIC connected to his computer and he also has the very same problem...he's running 32-bit Vista.

This doesn't happen that often, maybe a couple of times/day but it's equally annoying and especially if you're in the middle of something online.

Started by using D-Link's own driver for the DWA-140 but then gave that driver up since it would disable the DWA-140 whenever nobody was logged on to the computer which simply doesn't work in my situation since I need to be able to connect to my computer remotely regardless if someone's already logged in to it. So for this reason I'm currently using a driver from Ralink with version nr found using Windows update which doesn't disable the NIC when not logged in to the computer but on the other hand I have this problem with random disconnections instead.

Guess maybe I could find out something by going through logs to see what's actually happen when this occur but I'm not sure what logs to check? Also I'm not sure if the problem indeed is the DWA-140 or the DIR-655 router? What I have found out so far though is that when I have this problem my son doesn't at the same time and since he's connected to the same router I figured it appears to be the NIC that is the problem and not the router? Also pointing in the direction of the DWA-140 is the fact that my problem has the same problem using the same type of NIC.

Would very much appreciate any help on how to solve this and where/how to start looking for the actual cause.

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