DAC: No Volume Control?


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I ended up with a free DAC on my hands with a fiber output that I wanted to use, but I have no volume control in Windows. Its a cheap but highly rated unit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FEDHHKE/?tag=snbforums-20

My main volume slider does nothing when adjusted, but if I open up the volume mixer and adjust any specific slider other than my main volume it does control the volume. However there is a slight delay, which makes me wonder if the volume is actually adjusted by the amp that the fiber is terminating at and there are not any differences in signal strength being delivered to the amp...just a volume up or down protocol of some sort? If I was able to change my default volume slider it may be a workaround but this is a huge drawback to this unit...I tried updating the drivers online via device manager but there are no others available...not even on the manufactures website. Does anyone have a solution?


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