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Data Recovery.. Help me before I kill myself... =(

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New Around Here
So for the past week I've been working on finding ways to recover some very important wave files from my NAS (WD ShareSpace 4 x 2.0TB in Raid 5). I've exhausted a lot of different options. Here's what I got to work so far:

I'm using R-Studio for my data recovery. Here's what I know:

-Disk Order
-Block Order (Left Asynchronous (Continuous))

I know this isn't a lot, but I have been able to recover some smaller pictures such as gifs and stuff. (None of which are important.) However larger files are somewhat distorted. For example, I am able to preview and listen to some of my WAV files when I set my block size to 512K or 1MB, but it seems like different files are chopped up and put together. I believe this is due to the fact that I have an incorrect parameter in offset.

I'm not able to see filesystems unless I set my block size to anything above 512K. Even still it is only a few folders.

I'm completely unsure of how to get my offset because this system is built on LINUX with an ext3 filesystem. I hope this makes some sense. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to things like this. Any help would be appreciated since WD takes about a month to get back to me about anything. Thanks.
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