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dd-wrt how to activate roaming handoff

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I've setup a wireless network consisting of 2 wifi routers at my house. If works fine, except that some devices refuse to hop from one station to another when walking around. They seem to hold on to connected wifi station for dear life, even when signal is so low - it's unusable and right next to the opposite station with full transmission power. Logically, I want to set roaming handoff to a higher level, say to -65 dB. However, I'm unable find "how to" instructions anywhere and it's kinda driving me crazy. So if anyone can give me a tip or two on how to crack this sob, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My setup: tp-link td-w8968 as a base wifi station and d-link dir-300b1 as a secondary with dd-wrt v24-sp2 firmware. APs are connected via cat5 cable, use same SSID and passphrase using channel 6 and 11 with DHCP disabled on the secondary station. D-link with dd-wrt is where I want to change roaming handoff.

Here is what I've learned so far:
- tweaking mobile device's roaming sensitivity is possible, but this is not what I'm looking for.
- dd-wrt installed on APs with broadcom chipsets has WL tool that does exactly what I want. Mine has ralink and no wl tool.
- I can login to my d-link via telnet. Any packages I can download to get a similar tool like WL to my device?
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I've been trying this for ages to get it to hand-off nicely but haven't found away. I've found in the forums that the devs just aren't interested in implementing these features as there is no "standard", and the standards that are out there are not supported by the clients. I have 3 routers (i.e. one gateway and two access points) all on the same SSID and security, but different passwords and each uses 2 frequencies (2Ghz and 5Ghz). Roaming works to a point, but doesn't work as seamlessly as enterprise hardware. Alas open source lets you down, and I run a lot of open source at home, but might have to invest in one of the proprietary "mesh" systems that are being sold now and ditch the open source dd-wrt.

i know, that i am digging up an old thread.

But it seems, that there's still no good support for assisted roaming, so i wrote a "Cleanup" script on my own, which disconnects sticky clients below -80db on dd-wrt.

Just have a look at my repo, its called "ddwrt-cleanup".

Hope it still helps anybody searching for this :)


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