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A very non-tech person here looking for advice.

Long story, but I ended up with an Asus RT-AC5300 router with dd-wrt firmware. I had never used dd-wrt before, I relied on what the vendor advised me so I agreed to that. But having fought with it for the past six weeks I have to concede the options are far too much for me to manage and way over my head. I have never been able to get the router to work reliably. So, I thought, I need to replace the dd-wrt firmware with something else, I’d like to move to Merlin.

I’ve been looking online to find what the steps are to do this. I’ve found a number of posts, but they all differ from each other, so I don’t know which I can trust.

Can I simply follow the instructions shown here: https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/Installation ? So, I simply reboot the router, do the "factory default reset", and then install the latest version of the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware available for this router? Just those three steps?

How do I find the current, correct method ro replace the dd-wrt firmware with Merlin?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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This router was purchased second hand. In order to determine if it works properly use Firmware Restoration Tool and flash latest available stock Asuswrt instead. Use the router with original Asuswrt firmware for a while and then decide if available GUI options are enough or you need something more. Original Asuswrt is better for very non-tech person. It is feature rich enough and has firmware automatic update as option.

Reset the router to factory default after flashing Asuswrt and set it up manually. Download the User Guide for instructions.

Method 2 applies to RT-AC5300 model. This is so called Hard Factory Reset. I would use this Reset method after DD-WRT.
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I have the same router and I have been using dd-wrt and tomato for years. I am a networking guy and I can't get this router to let go of dd-wrt. I bought mine new and I bought it bc it is supposed to have dual firmware and was sold as a router to have dd-wrt installed as an option. I would like to try Merlin or even go back to factory, but it won't take firmware from dd-wrt or from CFE. If someone knows how to send it back to the back up firmware that would be awesome. I haven't done it in at least 3yrs and the manual from Asus doesn't say how. Firmware restoration Tool is no longer available.


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Firmware restoration Tool is no longer available.

If you go here you should choose OS Windows 7 64bit. Then you will find this link. Seems to be that for some reason you cannot find the restoration tool if you search for Windows 10 OS. I don't know why. Download it and use it. Don't worry that it is named after GT-AX6000. This is a Rescue 2103 version. I've used the previous one 2102 trouble free with my old RT-N66U. And yes, it should work under Windows 10/11.

The instructions how to use it are here.


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