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Deciding Upon NAS

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New Around Here
I have looked around a bunch and trying to find the best bang for my buck on a NAS. My current setup consists of:

MacBook Pro
Xbox 360
Roommates x4 (Windows/Mac)
Wireless Network

What I am wanting out of my NAS is:

-Streamed Video to Xbox(HD Quality preferred)
-Streamed Music to iTunes
-Remote Access (WAN)
-USB Expandable (Would like to add USB HDD to network, but not totally opposed to breaking open the case and taking out the drive to add to NAS)
-1TB+ Capacity

-SSH Access
-Expandability (via USB/eSATA/SATA)
-Web Server Support (PHP, SQL)
-Gigabit Support (Xbox, NAS, Macbook attached physically)
-Print Server
-Small size

Price Range: $100-$300 (including drive)
$100-$220 (without drive)

Cheaper is better as long as I won't notice a performance difference in streaming. Would prefer a cheaper drive than having the pluses (unless difference is ~$20). I don't care about write speeds much-I can wait all day for data to transfer to drive as long as I am able to read at a reasonable rate. I am willing to go DYI if it makes sense, but like the idea of smaller units. Any suggestions?
The web server support requirement would point you toward QNAP, Synology and Thecus products.
Synology DS-109 or Qnap TS-109??? At least its current technology.... BTW, I dislike single drive NAS boxes unless you are the type to do routine backups.....

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