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New Around Here
Hi all...your help would be appreciated..
I work next door (through thick big wall) to the location of the wireless router and I'm ready to upgrade to ensure that the connection is strong and continious.
I am looking at a solution that may mean WDS connection, so buying two same routers. The router in the house next door will act as a Access point as we have a VOIP service via our ISP (so can't change ADSL router). At the office end I have a ReadyNas, so want gigabit connection as I am hardwired to that most of the time.
Any suggestions? I have looked in Netgear WNR3500 as it ticks all the boxes BUT normal amount of differing reviews to contend with.
Using any wireless router through a big thick wall will give you less than 40 Mbits/sec speed, more likely about 15 Mbits/sec

One hole through the wall and a cable link gives you Gbits/sec speed.

I learned that only after buying 2 routers. Now I know I should not have relied on a wireless even for the 80sq.m. apartment I live, so I consider to make the last hole and connect the last room with my gigabit switch.
Takeo Fukui
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Many thanks for your comments.
I have certainly considered this option and will have a good think about it.
It does however restrict any wireless streaming etc that would also be of benefit while using the ReadyNas.
Many thanks...Scott
It does however restrict any wireless streaming etc that would also be of benefit while using the ReadyNas.
Huh? Streaming via an Ethernet connection, especially video, is always going to be more reliable and capable of handling higher bitrates than wireless.

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