[Development] amtm scripts developers corner (No regular users posts please, thanks)


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As the title says, this is the amtm scripts developers corner.
This thread is NOT for regular user questions, suggestions or problems in relation to amtm or its third party scripts. Use the respective scripts own thread for that. Thanks

The regular amtm thread is here: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/amtm-the-asuswrt-merlin-terminal-menu.42415/

As Conversations are limited to only a few members, I decided to create this thread for amtm developers.


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Upcoming change in third party script detection in amtm

I mentioned this in a conversation a while ago but only now made the change complete in my development branch:
- amtm will consider scripts as installed (and working) if the main file is found in its location
- In reverse, when the main file is not present, amtm flags it as not installed.

Make sure that all installation tasks are complete while installing. If it fails, remove the main file so that users can start fresh in amtm.
Thanks for your understanding.

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