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Quick question.
Is there anyway to find out when a certain device last connected to the router?



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Option 1
Client list, Access Time:


Option 2
System Log, Wireless log, Connected:



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@Tech9 - that'll help if the device is still connected - but OP was asking how to tell when a device last connected - so I assume the device is no longer connected and the question is - when did it last connect ??

I guess you'd have to trawl through the system log to see if you could find the answer by searching for the devices MAC address ???


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You may have seen from my signature that I use the Scribe Addon [available from amtm via SSH].
The separate "wlceventd.log" it provides catches the wireless Auth's and Disassoc's rather well - so easy to find records there.

The other "trick" I use is to save or download any of the logs and open it with Notepad ++ and then simply search for Mac addresses or whatever.
Quick and easy to find stuff that way.

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