Devices are randomly blocked to access internet

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Hi all,

Running 386.3_2 but this problem also happened on previous versions.

Some devices are randomly blocked and added to below list even though no parental control has been configured for those devices. But I do have parental and time scheduling set for other MAC addresses.

Restarting the router fixes the issue but out of the blue it happens in a weeks or so again.



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Parental controls is an Asus feature and not specific to Merlins fork firmware.
As such you need to contact Asus tech support about your findings to see what they can do.


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This is a very useless comment! Sounds like someone from support is trying to get rid of someone who needs help.
This is a forum where people help each other or point someone to the right direction.

Please list all Merlin specific features which are supported in this forum, we can then pin this thread to avoid others asking questions about non Merlin features.

And also to be clear this happens only with the Merlin firmware, are you happy now?!


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I am pointing you in the right direction sir or madam.
Your issue as stated is with the manufacturers feature, not one Merlin incorporated.

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