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DHCP issues with RT-AC68 media bridge - running Merlin 384.8_2

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New Around Here
Hi all,

Sorry for the re-post. Just noticed I had posted my original post in the wrong forum.
New joiner here. I tried looking some stuff up to try and address my issue but nothing has worked so far.
I just got a RT-AC68 to use as a media bridge for my Switch and Android TV. After a lot of tinkering, I finally managed to get it connected to my main router (RT-AC3100, also running Merlin 384.8_2) on the 5 GHz band. When I login to the AC68, I can see the clients connected to my main router and it also reports a successful connection to the parent.
My issue is with clients hardwired to my media bridge. I plugged in a laptop but it can never connect to the internet. When I do an ipconfig, I see a weird address, nothing within the DHCP range I defined on my router. I tried disabling it with a script from this thread (https://www.snbforums.com/threads/rt-ac68u-in-media-bridge-mode-responding-to-dhcp-requests.48259/) but still doesn't work properly.
Does anyone have any further suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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