DHCP renews for one computer ever 5 minutes


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I have one DHCP client that renews DHCP every 5 minutes. All others (30 or so other leases) work fine with the LAN DHCP renew set to 7 days or, 604800. I have tried changing lease time to 1 day and the one client still renews every 5 minute. Log entries below. I tried setting a staic IP and auto IP. Windows 10 on PC is set to auto DHCP. I have a ac5300 and merlin 386.3.

Any thoughts?

Jul 25 13:50:05 dnsmasq-dhcp[29873]: DHCPDISCOVER(br0) 4c:51:88:b5:35:b2
Jul 25 13:50:05 dnsmasq-dhcp[29873]: DHCPOFFER(br0) 4c:51:88:b5:35:b2
Jul 25 13:50:05 dnsmasq-dhcp[29873]: DHCPREQUEST(br0) 4c:51:88:b5:35:b2
Jul 25 13:50:05 dnsmasq-dhcp[29873]: DHCPACK(br0) 4c:51:88:b5:35:b2 homepc


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It's not really renewing its lease, that would only show DHCPREQUEST/DHCPACK. Because you're seeing DHCPDISCOVER that suggests that the device is reconnecting. Perhaps it's periodically waking up from sleep mode.


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if you check the asus logs you will see a deauth and then it will tell you why it disconnected, search by mac to make it easier, this may give you some useful info, also on the windows 10 pc, check the connection details and see what lease obtained and lease expires shows


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My Sony Android TV, cabled, does something similar when in sleep mode, every 30 SECONDS or so...

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