DHCP Server erasing entered data upon reboot


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I've been having issues with this for some time now, have hard reset the router and re-entered the manually assigned DHCP data, only to have it disappear after clicking reboot router. This doesn't always happen either, sometimes it will stay, other times it will disappear, and I've noticed it will sometimes disappear, but reboot or logout and the data comes back! Unfortunately, not always though.
This is on an RT-AX88U with Merlin 384.13, but the issue also happened on my older RT-AC66 router too. Not sure if its a combination of other entries from somewhere else in the router or not.
Has anyone had this issue? I've searched for other issues with manually assigning ip addresses to the 30 or so devices in my network, but haven't really found any solid info and that's why I registered here to see if I can finally get some answers to this issue with both of my routers.


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Often it's related to nvram being full, or close to full. Check usage on Tools page. Also on HND routers like the AX88, it could now be related to /jffs/nvram. Check if JFFS is mounted and not full. People have had stats databases fill up JFFS before.


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Thanks for the quick reply, Dave! Doesn't look like memory is filled:

Also, "Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs" is off, should that be on by chance? I assume if I do turn that on, I'll have to format JFFS partition and reboot twice, right?

If I format JFFS partition on next boot, would that wipe all settings upon restart too?

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