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Did my NICs get banned? How to investigate/solve?

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So I switched from Google Drive to OneDrive and was re-uploading some files. About 400Gb through the upload to onedrive it stopped working. Both onedrive client and web-based can only upload the first few kb of a file and get stuck.

I started investigating and found the weirdest thing ever. Basically, EVERY computer on my network with the same Asus-Aquantia-based NICs cannot do some Internet uploads now (internal traffic is fine). Specifically, OneDrive uploads and Speedtest.net upload test do not work at all. Some others too, but not all (e.g., uploads to lightroom or youtube work fine, at full speed).

Same computers work fine with any other NICs.

So I thought that maybe the issue was related to Aquantia NICs being 10GBE. I got a QNAP 5Gbe NIC, and it works fine on the same computer.

So, to sum it up:
Aquantia-based ASUS NICs - (some) Internet uploads do not work in ANY computer
Any other NIC (including multi-gig) in any computer - all works
Aquantia-based ASUS NICs on the internal network - work fine.

I excluded all other equipment by connecting directly to the cable modem.

So it looks like a specific type of outbound traffic from all NICs of one specific model in ANY computer gets blocked by my cable modem or ISP. It started during a massive upload, which makes me think it could be some blacklisting of sorts? But maybe it's some incompatibility (although it worked fine before).

Any ideas on how to unhex it? I'd rather not have to replace all the affected NICs.
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