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Did the RT-AC1750 lose it's AI mesh capability somewhere along the line?

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I'll try to make a long story short. While I was in the web ap on my AC-68U the ap froze. Without thinking, I reached behind it and pushed the reset button (senior moment). No big deal, only had to redo some configs and it remained on the 386.10 firmware. I noticed that my aimesh node (AC-1750 also running 386.10) was not attached and remembered that I would have to reset it to defaults and go through the mesh setup again. I did all the steps shown in the manual, restored defaults, ran Add aimesh node from the main router and it found the 1750, I selected it and told it to connect. It ran for a minute or two and then aborted with the usual comments. I tried numerous time to add the node and it failed every time even a few times after I restored defaults again. I tried doing a wired backhaul and it also failed a couple times. Now it's gotten to the point where the 68U doesn't even find the 1750 when I try to add a node. I'm at a loss for what to try next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Try stock Asuswrt on the node. If you don't use any of the Asuswrt-Merlin extra features - stock Asuswrt on both.
Your issue may be around the main RT-AC68U router. It's low on free NVRAM with 386.10 firmware. Run 386_51255 on both and try again. Stock Asuswrt is newer firmware. Reset the "node" just before you attempt to connect it. Good luck.

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