CakeQOS Different downloads on a single machine don't share bandwidth properly.

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On the later versions of cake there seems to be an issue with how it priorizes traffic on a single machine.

For example a single machine using all the bandwidth, but you start opening web pages on that machine. Everything is slow. Opening a youtube video shows that I have like 1mbps for the video and the other task (steam download) is at 8mbps.
If I start the same video on a second device it gets like 4mbps, and steam download drops to 4mbps like it should.

It's even worse with torrents, the more connections the worse. To the point I can't even open a web page.

Only fix is to set flowblind, that gives gives fair bandwith between the downloads/uploads on a single machine, but causes higher latency spikes and it's worse when there's more devices on the network.

Edit: I figured it out, it's working properly now.
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The 'how' you fixed it part would be helpful for others in the same spot. :)

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