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Different Google Ads box?

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The current Google ads box to the right of the forums is way too wide. It narrows the forums down to an uncomfortable width.

Could this Google ads box be replaced with a Tower model or something?

Looks nice 'n neat 'n snappy through Firefox with AdBlock.

//opens up IE.....


//goes back to Firefox and enjoys non Las Vegas looking webpages.
Thanks for the feedback, Bart.

I agree that it narrows the text area. But since the forum doesn't have a fixed-width window I thought that readers could just widen their window if it bothered them.

I could do that, but this means I would need to maximize the window on my 17" monitor. (which I don't need to do for any other site) And even then, the ad still takes up about one third of the space to the right.

I'm all for ads and I understand sites need them to survive (that's why I don't install ad-blockers), but this is just a tad 'too much', don't you agree?
Thanks for not using an ad-blocker, Bart. I try to keep ads so that they are not a major annoyance to users. But, as you understand, I need to pay the bills. And with many advertisers reducing their budgets due to the U.S. economy slowdown, advertisers are harder to come by.

The layout with the wide ad position is the same as on the main site and I haven't received similar complaints there. Maybe it's just that people are used to having the main text area be wider in a Forum.

That particular size is, however, very popular with advertisers. While the Buffalo ad is an extreme in its height, rectangle ads are the same width.

So for now, at least, I need to keep the layout as it is. I hope that this won't be a major barrier to your Forum participation.
It won't Tim, just thought I'd let you know.

Thanks for taking the time to respond so extensive to my 'complaint'. :)
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