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Difficult requirements: AC single-band 5ghz RP-SMA antennas

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I'm looking for an AC WiFi Router with single-band 5ghz antennas.

3x3 or greater would be nice but I'd be interested in any 2x2s that are setup like this as well.

I also want it to be able to run dd-wrt or tomato or another non-stock firmware, this might sway my opinion from one device to another.

If I can't find anything I'll start looking for ones with 5ghz-only u.FL connectors inside and drill holes to mount RP-SMA on the case, I did this with an old dual band N netgear that had anemic internal 5ghz antennas, it made a world of difference and was completely reverseable except for the holes, *shrug*.

I'm really looking for a flexible device I can use as a bridge and/or an extender with a 5ghz backhaul. I'd be doing this inside a building with an exterior antenna in situations that are just too close to bother with PtP links 40-200 feet but sheet metal walls and/or Mylar installation kills wifi signal.

I know alot of you on here have had ALOT of different WiFi routers in your hands, so I'm hoping you can think of or remember one because I'm having a hard time finding any.

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