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DIR-655 as access point, can't ping a site

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I setup my new DIR-655 as an access point today and it works great. However, I noticed that it does not properly connect to a time server tosync time, and that I cannot execute a ping to a domain name. I'm thinking this is becuase it does not know the route to get outside the LAN.

Is there a field that I need to complete somewhere to point it to my router (say on the Internet settings page)?

BTW, this is a great device.
Whatever you point the router towards (DNS, NTP), will be accessed via the WAN port. It is likely you are using the LAN port for connectivity, so changing settings won't help.

You should be able to get the proper time by temporarily swapping the line out from LAN to WAN, assuming that 1) your network uses DHCP, 2) your router is set to receive an IP via DHCP (default), and 3) that you haven't broken the NTP settings while trying to troubleshoot.
Under AP mode NTP has to be done manually at first or pull off the PC you access the GUI Admin Web at. Then set it to Server if your inside the USA.
Thanks for the early morning replies. I added in the NTP server IP and all is well.

BTW, my DIR-655 is version A4 and came with firmware 1.20. It self reports that thi is the laest, but that doesn't tie in with the DLink web site (that shows 1.21 as the latest). Everything works, so given the recent threads on firmware issues I will stand pat, but i wanted to share what I've found.

Thank you again.

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