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DIR-655 & DAP-1522 Please provide your input

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I have a DIR-655 A2 v1.21 as an AP and I need to add 2 more places to have wireless access. I am thinking of getting 2 more DAP-1522 which will be setup as WB to DIR-655. All my network will be 2.4GHz. Currently there is only 1 PC connected using the Ethernet to the DIR-655 which is connected to the ISP modem. I have a DELL laptop with Intel 4965 Draft n wireless card.

I need wireless access for my DVR and another location where I have an old computer for my kids.

Please provide any input you can to help me decide what kind of Wireless Bridge device I should get to connect to DIR-655 wirelessly.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I'm satisfied with the Linksys WGA600N Bridge, connected to an HD Reciever for MRV working with the D-Link DIR-825.
There aren't that many options really for wireless N bridges/AP's. You can look into buying another router and loading it with dd-wrt third party firmware to make it into an access point or bridge. However, there is no third party firmware compatability for the DIR-655. The DIR-615 has one, but it is still a work in progress so am not sure how well that would work out for you. For a wireless N bridge, that really only leaves the DAP-1522 and the Linksys WET610N unless you want to add another vendors router into the mix and install dd-wrt on it, but I don't recommend mixing different vendor equipment when possible for a home network. The WGA600N as mentioned above, has all but been replaced by the WET610N and it seems like a waste compared to the D-link Dap-1522 for the following reasons:

#1) It doesn't offer AP mode. Only WB mode. Should your setup change, you may have to buy another AP or repeater again.

#2) The linksys only has one ethernet port. If you want to add more devices, you'll have to fork out more money for another switch to add to it. Pretty lame.

Plus, if possible, when using home network equipment it is often (but not always) better to stick with the same manufacturer branding if/when possible. That's just my opinion, but look at how many issues people have trying to get their wireless setup to work. There are so many problems getting good wireless connections, mix-matching vendor products can just lead to more hassle than necessary.

I think what you want to do with the DAP-1522's is feasible. Are you sure you'll need two of them though. If strategically placed, you could probably get away with just using one in AP mode and having all of the far away devices connect to it wirelessly. Just a thought.
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Rereading your post, it seems like you just want to add wireless for an old pc and a DVR? Those are probably both wireless G only devices right? So if your main router/AP (the dir-655) is already running in mixed mode (A,B,G,N) then you could just use wireless G bridges. If so, definitely check out ww-drt. You can easily load their firmware on a DIR-330. As mentioned before, I don't recommend using different vendor equipment for home networks, but in this instance, I'd also consider using a linksys-WRT54G to give it bridge or AP capabilities. those seem to be the flagship models for the ww-drt firmware and seem to be highly compatible with other vendor equipment.
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I have always been fond of the Buffalo wireless bridges. The wli-tx-ag300n is a good choice for under a $100 and it adds in 4 ports similar to the d-link.
Could you provide a little more detail on why you've decided to go with a wireless bridge. While it can certainly work, I believe you get better throughput if you run cable to a remote access point rather than using wireless to connect your remote AP to your DIR-655. (Hope I said that correctly)

What sort of network layout and distances are you dealing with?

-irrational john
This might sound weird and might be too difficult, but if you live in a metropolitan area, you can check craigslist for certain 802.11n routers that are compatible with DD-WRT firmware.

I bought a WRT150N, WRT160N and WRT300N all for $75 (total), and work great as 11n bridges with DD-WRT firmware. Plus they can act as gateways later down the road.

Just be sure to get the proper Model Number and Hardware Version before you buy anything. I am just recommending a cheaper solution. It is quite easy to flash Linksys routers with DD-WRT.
Comprehensive DD WRT Hardware support search

The store bought wireless bridges should work fine, but you are paying a premium for selectable dual band bridges.

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