Disable 5Ghz AC68U repeater mode

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This is my current setup. As I said in the title, I'd like to disable 5Ghz rebroadcasting in the repeater with AsusWRT, due to it being slower than 2,4Ghz. I did a little bit of research, and found that you can disable the 5Ghz radio, but then my backhaul wouldn't work. Also, if Merlin allows this, I could consider installing that.


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If you are using AiMesh the answer is no. If it is actually set up as a WIFI repeater just disable the SSID broadcast in the repeater. DOes not have to be Merlin firmware.
By the way. The 5 GHZ is acting as it should. The 5 GHZ is spending half of its time rebroadcasting the packets. Nothing wrong with that,

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If it is actually set up as a WIFI repeater just disable the SSID broadcast in the repeater.
How do you do that. The only setting I can find is where you specify the the 5GHz SSID/Authentication Method/encryption/key. It won't let you set a null SSID, and you certainly don't want to omit encryption, authentication or key as that would leave it open and unsecured.

Update: nevermind - I found the answer in another thread. To hide the SSID you need to go to a hidden (when in repeater mode) screen by appending /Advanced_Wireless_Content.asp to the repeater's url.

Note that this doesn't turn off the 5GHz repeater - just makes it non-visible to the world.
I like spamming neighbors with unorthodox SSID strings. Currently "(.)(.)".
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