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Diversion Diversion and Ubisoft Connect - how to find out what is the problematic block?

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New Around Here
Hi, I have a problem that whenever I open Ubisoft Connect on the (Windows 10) PC it wont load the store (also not the Ubisoft+ page, library works).
After quite some time investigating this the issue seems to be related to Diversion somehow. If I disable Diversion on the router, then it suddenly works, so something must be blocked that the software doesn't like.
One person on reddit mentioned smetrics.ubi.com and I whitelisted this one, but it still doesn't work when Diversion is enabled. I also checked the blocklist in Diversion, but smetrics.ubi.com seems to be the only entry with "ubi.com" or "ubisoft" in there.
So, the question is what else could it be?
I guess I could use the log to see what is being blocked when I open the Ubisoft Connect software - if I knew how.... I had a look into the dnsmasq.log file, but it's huge and I am not sure what I am looking for. Requests that get blocked probably, but I don't know how to identify them.

I would appreciate any input regarding what I might need to whitelist to have the Ubisoft Connect software load the store properly and also generally how to identify what is being blocked by Diversion so I can resolve such things myself in the future, thank you!

I'm running the latest version of Diversion (5.1.1) on a AX86U Pro (with Merlin) btw.
“I guess I could use the log to see what is being blocked when I open the Ubisoft Connect software - if I knew how....”

Welcome to the forum.

Open AMTM and select Diversion (option 1)

Then enable logging by option “l” (that is l for Lima or ‘ell for leather 😊)

Then select f (for follow log)

Then option 3, blocked sites.

There’s an out-of-date post below where you can get the gist of how it’s done. Sometimes, it needs a bit of detective work, but hopefully you’ll find the block quickly.

Let us know how you get on.
Then option 3, blocked sites.
@RouterNoob93 If you find out the IP address of your Win10 computer that’s running Ubisoft, you can also make it a bit easier for yourself with Option 4, so that you only see the domains that are being blocked for that Win 10 computer, which can make it easier for you to work out what’s causing the problem.

Option 3 will show you all currently blocked domains for the entire LAN, which, if you have a busy network, can make it difficult to narrow it down.

Good luck
Thanks a lot, that was exactly the info I was looking for!

Also, I think I found out what to allow, it's www.datadoghq-browser-agent.com

At least when I allowed that one it started loading the store. I am not 100% sure that's enough though as I had also allowed a few others I saw in the log before that.
It is still working now, but there seems to be some caching mechanism in this Ubisoft Connect software so that once it loads the store it keeps working for a while, even if "necessary" domains are blocked.
The other ones I also saw in the log, but now removed from the allowlist were:

There are quite a few more that are being blocked, but the rest I never unblocked.

Let's see if it keeps working with only www.datadoghq-browser-agent.com in the allowlist or whether some of the other ones are needed to.

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