#Diversion: DNSfilter and Youtube ads interaction


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Hello guys,

I test since a couple of days (weeks) Diversion with YouTube ads removal engaged. My Android TV was not blocking a mush ads as the other devices, and never reported in system log something like "Diversion: found 1 new YouTube hosts".

Current setup:
WAN DNS configured with Cloudflare ant DOT
DHCP clients receive the router IP as DNS only

As it I see YT URL caught by Diversion for iPad and other devices except the Android TV in the system log.
Watching the TV traffic in FlexQoS the hard-coded DNS is reported when using YouTube on the TV. hence I engaged the LAN>DNSfilter with default entry "router".
Such I hope all DNS requests will use the above DNS settings.

It seems to work, no more DNS traffic seen in FlexQoS tracked connection except for exception configured in LAN>DNSfilter. It sound logical to ma as the router connection to DNS will not be a tracked connection.

Since I engaged the DNSfilter I see no more entries about caught YT URLs ("Diversion: found 1 new YouTube hosts"). Neither for the TV nor any other device. With or without exception in DNSfilter section.

Am I missing something here?

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